Lizzo used her Halloween costume to mock Mike Pence and fans think it's hilarious

Remember the vice presidential debate? The one that feels like forever ago but was actually only last month?

Probably not – but everyone remembers the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head and stole the spotlight.

As far as political Halloween costumes go, the fly is one of the funnier options – and that’s exactly what Lizzo did.

Yes, the best celebrity Halloween costume of the year has been crowned.

The singer debuted her fly Halloween costume (complete with “vote” stickers) on her Instagram, and it looks pretty incredible.

To top it all off, the singer posted a video of her dancing on the vice president's head. "I voted for Biden," she wrote in the caption.

So it is possible to upstage the fly that upstaged Mike Pence.

The singer has always gone the innovative route for her Halloween costumes. In previous years, she dressed up as a DNA test (as in the opening line of her song, ‘Truth Hurts’) and Sailor Moon from the 90s anime.

Of course, people thought it was pretty hilarious. How can you not be impressed by the creativity?

And it wasn’t just Lizzo. Janelle Monáe also showed off her own fly costume, though this one is a bit scarier.

Talk about buzz-worthy.

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