Curtis Pritchard’s reaction to a new Love Islander has become the meme of 2019

Arabella Chi became the latest woman to enter the Love Island villa, but her entrance was somewhat overshadowed by Curtis Pritchard’s instantly memorable reaction.

His shocked facial expression upon waking up and coming across the model, coupled with him yanking off his hat and taking off his sunglasses has been immortalised in meme form.

Whether he played up his reaction, or if he’s just that memeable – we’re not sure.

What we do know, is we’ve found the ultimate reaction meme.

People are very pleased with this Love Island content

And compared his reaction to other famous pop culture moments

CSI Miami

Jurassic Park

Liar Liar

Harry Potter

It's great

The whole thing is meme gold, tbh

Viewers later turned super sleuths and have some minor investigating discovered that Pritchart also follows Chi on Instagram, could there be some love in the air for the pair? Or maybe Pritchard just wants to relive his 'meme' moment during his daily Insta-fix? Either way, we have a new reaction meme and it's delicious.

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