There are few things in life that everyone agrees on. Some of them are: Oxygen is good, dogs are cute, water is necessary and David Attenborough wildlife documentaries are brilliant.

However, we appear to have found someone that doesn't agree with that final statement. Step forwardLove Island 2019 contestant: Yewande Biala.

In a bizarre moment on Friday night's episode of the reality show, Yewande decided to interrupt a conversation between her partner Danny and new arrival Arabella, who appear to have taken a shine to each other.

Danny and Arabella were sharing their mutual love of Attenborough documentaries but Yewande, who was literally sitting on Danny, didn't think that Attenborought's educational contributions to the public were all that.

I hate watching those. Everyone I know watches those and I just find them so bloody boring.

Both Danny and Arabella were aghast at this revelation and so were the majority of people watching the show who swiftly turned Yewande into public enemy number one, after being one of the most liked people on the show to date.

Yewande also caused so major panic for people who weren't watching the show who presumed Attenborough's name was trending for a completely other, much more unthinkable reason.

This whole incident prompted this bizarre crossover.

HT Digital Spy

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