Marcel the monkey from Friends is making a TV comeback

Stop what you're doing and take a deep breath because we have some good news: Marcel the monkey from Friends is alive and well and on the verge of returning to our television screens.

The monkey, actually a female named Katie, is to star in the new FX adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's graphic novel Y: The Last Man.

According to AV Club, FX CEO John Landgraf, an NBC head at the time of Friends, was watching footage of the new series and when he realised that he recognised the unlikely cast member.

Exclaiming according to sources:

I recognise Jennifer Aniston, I recognise Courteney Cox and I recognise that monkey!

David Schwimmer, in an infamous interview during his early years playing Ross, slammed his co-star with the words, “I hate the monkey”, a view that was more recently confirmed by Matt LeBlanc who played Joey in the hit show.

Speaking to Jimmey Kimmel earlier this year he said:

I liked the monkey! Schwimmer… Not so much. He’s the one that had to work with it the most, so he was like, 'Again with the monkey?' But I got along great with it.

LeBlanc also revealed that Katie, a white-headed capuchin monkey once brought filming to a halt when she darted off to scale the heights of the Friends set:

One day we’re shooting a scene with the monkey... You know, sound stages are huge.

The lights are hanging from the grid, and they go way up on these chains and the ceiling’s like, 60 feet or whatever it is. It just disappears into the blackness of the stage.

So all the actors were like, ‘OK, I guess we’re on a five. I’ll see you later, I’ll be in my room.'

We can only hope the simian has mellowed with age.

Hopefully Marcel’s next project will be a crossover with Eddie from Frasier.

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