Mark Ruffalo had the perfect response after Chris Evans accidentally shared a nude picture

Mark Ruffalo had the perfect response after Chris Evans accidentally shared a nude picture

It should go without saying but everyone should be vigilant when sharing personal information on social media especially if you are a major celebrity with millions of followers.

Unfortunately for Avengers star Chris Evans, he didn't check before posting an image on Instagram on Saturday which he had to swiftly delete.

The Captain America actor had been playing the Heads Up with his family on the app's stories feature but somehow a screenshot of his camera roll ended up on there and it featured a very NSFW picture that may or may not have been of him (we're not going to tell you what it was but feel free to Google it if you are so interested). Another picture on the roll was a meme of Evans featuring the words 'Guard that p***y.' Although the image was only on Instagram for moments before Evans realised what he had done and promptly deleted it, user had managed to grab the picture and it was soon circulated around social media like wildfire.

This could have happened to anyone but given Evans's status as one of the most likeable celebrities in Hollywood people were couldn't resist making memes about the incident.

However, the best response possibly came from his Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo aka The Hulk, who told Evans to look on the bright side; at least it's not as embarrassing as being Donald Trump.

However, possibly the nicest thing to emerge from all of this is fans of Evans and the Marvel movies defending the 39-year-old and telling others to respect his privacy and delete those pictures.

See, even if you think it's funny to look at someone's private photos always remember that there is another person who is embarrassed beyond belief and you'd feel exactly the same if it happened to you.

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