Fans are making their own Infinity Gauntlet and they're hilarious

Obviously, we probably don't need to say this anymore, as by now you've more than likely seen the film if you were ever going to, but this article will contain huge spoilers so proceed with caution.

If you've seen Avengers: Infinity War, you'll know that the Infinity Gauntlet wielded by Thanos is a very powerful bit of kit.

After the 'Mad Titan' manages to collect all six of the Infinity Stones (soul, time, mind, space, power and reality) he is basically indestructible and, with a mere snap of his fingers, can wipe out half of the universe.

The weapon doesn't necessarily need to be used in such a manner, but Thanos has a warped god-complex and is a big advocate of genocide, which isn't great for the Avengers, many of who perish by the film's conclusion.

Apart from being a deadly item capable of untold amounts of destruction, it also looks pretty decent. Therefore Marvel fans have been recreating their own versions of the gauntlet at home using whatever they can find and, needless to say, they're amazing.

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