Marvel’s Thanos easily defeated after being kicked by children at party in hilarious viral video

Marvel’s Thanos easily defeated after being kicked by children at party in hilarious viral video

A comical video has gone viral on social media of a bunch of small children manhandling an adult dressed as the Marvel villain Thanos, while heroes dressed as Iron Man and Spider-Man look on in despair.

No, this isn’t some bizarre fever dream cooked up on a fan forum but something that actually happened. The video was originally shared on the subreddit r/WhatCouldGoWrong but soon made its way on to Twitter, where it has been viewed more than nine million times.

In the 30-second video, which comes from an unspecified location but does appear to be in a Spanish speaking country, and presumably before Covid, a group of entertainers are dressed as comic book characters at what looks to be a children’s party.

The video starts with Thanos on the ground, having presumably being defeated by the Avengers trio of Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man. Batman, of Marvel’s rival DC Comics, is also there for some reason.

All looks to be going according to plan until a small child runs on the screen and without hesitation kicks the person playing Thanos in the face. We can’t be certain but it looks like it hurt whoever was under the Thanos mask.

This sparks a full on stage invasion as around half a dozen small children all pile on to Thanos and proceeds to kick him. Iron Man and Spider-Man look on in despair with their hands on their heads, while Batman, to his credit, is the only one trying to stop the onslaught along with a mother who comes to whisk her child away from the violence.

The scene went viral after being shared by the NoContextHumans account and even prompted an amusing tweet by Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad director James Gunn who joked that footage from his big crossover movie had been leaked online.

Others just couldn’t hide their amusement and yes there were many ‘he went for the head’ jokes (a nod to a very specific line from Avengers: Infinity War but you already knew that).

Also, why was Batman there?

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