Artist gets furious backlash for mocking workmen in McDonald's queue

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Hetty Douglas is a Nottingham-born artist from South London.

The 25-year-old was voted 49th out of 100 in the Dazed100, as an up-and-coming talent.

Dazedwrote of her:

These days you’re less likely to see her scrawling words such as 'sorry for treating you like shit & 4 fingering your best m8' and 'UR PENG' on her canvas and instead find her exploring unexpected textures and unique materials such as cement or perspex.

In January 2016, Douglas packed out Shoreditch’s 71a Gallery in a collaborative show with Patrick Dakers titled FINGER, and closed the year with SCREW – which also featured artists Joe Clarke and Alfie Kungu.

Vice also wrote of her work praisingly in July.

You used to be able to find her and her work predominately on her Instagram, but it has has since been removed.

You can still browse her website, which has set a recent exhibition as the main page after the landing one, but links to her previous work, her bio and her contact page have been removed.

The reason she has presumably reduced her social presence and contact links dramatically appears to be a heavily criticised Instagram story, posted earlier this week.

The post shared on the platform showed a number of men in a McDonald's queue, and featured the suggestion that they 'only had 1 GCSE between them'.

People pointed out that her Instagram profile has previously sought to project a working class vibe, and questioned her career choice as an artist.

People have also sought to defend her for the backlash online, which has been sizeable.

She has been previously criticised for posting an Instagram of herself receiving a work plan for Job Seekers Allowance in a Supreme hoodie.

An interview with Ssense in August, revealed she was...

Working at London’s Supreme store, and as a model in their editorials, Douglas also has an upcoming perfume project with Dazed and Calvin Klein that she’s staying tight-lipped about.

Hetty Douglas did not respond to indy100's approaches for comment in time for publication. This article will of course be updated if we receive a reply.

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