Riverdance premieres at 1994 Eurovision in Dublin featuring dancer Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley's directorial debut film Blackbird is set to hit Irish cinemas in September but before people go see it, viewers of the trailer want you to know it might be the "worst movie ever made"

Flatley, the famous Riverdancer, wrote, produced, starred, and directed the romance-spy film to what some would consider a 'vanity project'. The film was largely funded by Flately, 63, and originally released in 2018.

According to IMDB the movie's plot is driven by a retired secret agent named Victor Blackley (Flatley) who has opened a nightclub in the Caribbean to escape his past only to have trouble come back when a former lover visits him.

The trailer for the film was posted to Twitter by entertainment journalist Brian Lloyd who said "The trailer for 'Blackbird'. I am aghast. I am truly shocked. I am undone."

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Stiff acting, cheesy one-liners, and a confusing montage of scenes complete the minute and 30 second long trailer which went viral on social media for being comparable to The Room (2003).

Although Blackbird seems to be poorly made and not taken seriously, people expressed their desire to see the film as it could be so bad it's funny.

"This looks like a movie Michael Scott would write." John wrote on Twitter. Famously in The Office, Michael Scott creates a fictional vanity project spy film.

"This looks like the worst movie ever made, yet I still want to see it." Liz wrote.

According to the only IMDB review for the film, viewers may expect to see a dance number from Flatley.

"Jumping between iconic scenery in Ireland and Barbados this thriller is up there with Sean Connery's best. To keep past and present fans happy Flatley produces an incredible Tap dance sequence where he shoots knives from his shoes from the top of his bar while a ragtime tune plays."

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