With My Chemical Romance actually back after years of rumours, emos everywhere are losing their minds with conspiracy theories.

First, it was Danger Days being set in a post-apocalyptic California in 2019, leading fans to think they'd teased their LA 2019 reunion years in advance.

Now, it's a 2019 tweet in which MCR seem to predict not their own comeback, but the current uprising and political unrest in Chile.

In 2011, the band tweeted, "Hola Chile! Te amamos! Stay safe in 2019."

This has led fans all over the world to believe that just maybe MCR predicted the uprising and violence in Chile that's been happening this month.

Now, the tweet happened during the Danger Days era, so it's most definitely a reference to the post-apocalyptic 2019 mythology.

However, complicating things further is the fact that they don't appear to have played in Chile on the Danger Days promo tour – in fact, they played no shows between Toronto on December 18 and Osaka on January 31.

So why the reference to Chile? Well, there were some protests on January 14 2011, but that still doesn't explain the 2019 reference.

Only MCR can answer that, but as we all know, they're pretty keen to stay quiet.​

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