This guy tried to launch a Netflix boycott - And it massively backfired


Netflix recently released the first trailer for their new show Dear White People.

It’s based on 2014 film of the same name, which is a razor-sharp satire set on a campus where a group of frat boys have announced they are going to hold a blackface-themed party.

Picture: Lionsgate

The original film is a nuanced take on modern day race relations, where nobody is completely without failings. And as the film's writer-director Justin Simien is also handling the small screen version, there’s good reason to presume the series will be just as well received.

However, based on the title alone, and maybe the fact that the thirty-second trailer suggests that blackface could be a bad thing, a lot of thin-skinned people have declared the show racist and accused it of promoting 'white genocide'.

In particular, Twitter user Baked Alaska (the guy who started that unsuccessful Starbucks boycott last year) started encouraging people to cancel their Netflix subscriptions.

Picture: Twitter

He posted a screengrab of his cancellation. Only he forgot to blank out his email address.

It didn’t take long for people to start signing him up to things.

It was pretty entertaining

Dear White People hits Netflix on 28 April, and Baked Alaska has probably gave them all the free press they're going to need.

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