Nicola Coughlan’s teenage dreams come true after Charlie from Busted finally saw her hilarious tribute

Nicola Coughlan’s teenage dreams come true after Charlie from Busted finally saw her hilarious tribute

Nicola Coughlan, the star of Derry Girls and Bridgerton, finally saw her teenage dreams come true on Tuesday when Charlie from Busted saw the ‘sexy banner’ she made for the band many years ago. 

In a recent appearance on Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains on Comedy Central the Irish actor revealed a banner that she once took to a Busted concert which was too rude to make in front of her mother.

As Coughlan revealed she used the name Busted to be a play on words. After initially making the sign, minus the rude part she and her friends amended it to read ‘Check out our Busteds’

The hope was that the members of Busted would see the sign and read it as ‘Check out our Busts’ which may or may not have happened during the actual concert. Well, many years later, her dream has finally come true as a member of the band has finally seen it.

Charlie Simpson, the tall blonde one from Busted, who went on to have a career with the post-hardcore band Fightstar as well as a solo star, was tagged in a tweet by Coughlan featuring the clip from Comedy Central, asking the musician if he liked her ‘sexy banner’.

Fortunately for her, Simpson did see her tweet and thought it was ‘amazing.’

Coughlan responded by saying her 16-year-old self was ‘beside herself.’ Simpson was just glad she enjoyed the show.

She added that if time travel was real, she would definitely show this to her teenage self.

Coughlan also read her diary which documented the events of that evening. It’s quite something.

“Busted! Waaa! Oh my god! Charlie! and I’ve drawn loads of hearts around it. ‘F**king hell. He is such a ride. He’s probs the best looking guy ever. He’s such a lash. Before they came out the crowd went mental and the presenter had to sit us down and tell everyone to be calm. I kept trying to shout ‘Charlie! Matty! but I was bawling. I stood in awe of my closeness for a while then I stood up on a seat and Charlie knelt down right on the stage and took the spotlight he looked like a rock ‘n’ roll sex god. Everyone was chanted ‘Busted! Busted!’ I was standing up and shaking, so close to tears and so excited I almost wee’d myself.”

Thankfully that last part didn’t happen but we’re happy that Nicola finally got to meet Charlie, one way or the other.

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