This scene from an old Nicolas Cage film has gone viral for the best reason

This scene from an old Nicolas Cage film has gone viral for the best reason

You hardly need us to tell you but Nicolas Cage is one of the greatest actors that the world has ever produced (no, seriously. Have you seen Vampire's Kiss).

Yet even greats like Mr Cage sometimes crop up in roles that you wouldn't suspect to see them in or are under such heavy make-up that they are barely recognisable.

This brings us to a clip from a 1989 straight-to-video movie called Never on Tuesday, which focuses on two hopeless men trying to win the affections of a lesbian.

Yes, the movie is as bad as it sounds, but one saving grace is the small cameo that Cage make during a scene in the desert, where the iconic actor rocks up on the side of the road in sports car, wearing a bright red jacket, a terrible haircut and a large false nose.

The character, who is only known on the IMDB page for the film as 'Man in Red Sports Car', speaks in a bizarre exasperated tone and then begins to inexplicably laugh after they refuse his offer of a lift.

The surreal moment, which is possibly the best thing in the entire film, has gone viral after it was shared on Twitter by a user called @alex_navarro and people are loving it.

According to IMDB, other actors that star in this movie include Charlie Sheen, Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez. Is it safe to say that we are now mildly intrigued in seeing this movie now?

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