One of the most notorious Instagram accounts has been shut down


The infamous ‘Candy Shop Mansion’ Intagram account has been taken down for, unsurprisingly, inappropriate content.

The account is linked to the Candyman Mansion, which is owned by Australian playboy Travers Beynon, the managing director of FreeChoice tobacco.

The Candy Shop Mansion account had more than 800,000 followers before it was shut down, and often featured sexualised images of women, including pictures of women covered in food or in the middle of showering.

Beynon – better known as the ‘Candy Man’ – throws hedonistic parties and lives a polyamorous lifestyle.

Though he is married, he claims to have ten girlfriends and sleeps with four women a night.

According to the Telegraph, he described himself as “a cross between The Great Gatsby, Hugh Hefner, The Wolf of Wall Street and Tony Stark, with a taste for Versace, who can easily turn into a Willy Wonka character”.

Candy Shop Mansion event manager Belinda Gavin told Daily Mail Australia:

It’s been destructive for us because we were just about to roll out more marketing.

It’s discriminatory because loads of other accounts out there have worse content.

Beynon’s personal account is still live.

Comparisons are made between his lascivious lifestyle and that of Dan Bilzerian, the infamous internet personality whose Instagram account is also filled with photos of parties and scantily clad women.

Instagram has been contacted for comment.

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