Paramore concert stopped because a couple wouldn't stop 'fighting'

Paramore concert stopped because a couple wouldn't stop 'fighting'
Hayley Williams joins Billie Eilish on stage at Coachella to duet Paramore …

Paramore were playing at Madison Square Garden when they were forced to stop the entire concert to deal with a couple fighting and pushing in the crowd.

Singer Hayley Williams stepped in while performing on Tuesday (May 30) as the lights came up during the show.

The pop rock group were performing the track ‘This Is Why’ when Williams observed a disturbance among the audience.

The moment was captured by Tiktoker @madblackbimbo as two fans were seen pushing their way towards the stage.

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Members of the crowd can be seen trying to push back at the pair, with people around them pointing to the band and alerting them to the situation.


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Then, the music stopped and Williams shouted at them: “Holy s***! F*** you!”

The crowd parts and the couple can be seen, with Williams saying: “I will embarrass both of you.”

The singer, 34, added: “Both of you need to find somewhere else to take care of that s*** because it’s not happening here.”

Williams then explains that ‘This Is Why’ is a song the band love performing live, clearly frustrated that the show had to be stopped for the pair.

We imagine that was a pretty awkward car journey home for both of them after that…

The comments section was full of people showing support for Williams and the band, with the video poster writing: “He was not going for his gf. He was being aggressive the entire night & shoving and fighting with everyone and that was the final straw for us all lol.”

“i was in the nosebleeds and i could not stop thinking [about] this thank you for posting,” another fan wrote.

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