Russia made the new Power Rangers film an 18 because of a gay character

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As we've reported before, the new Power Rangers film features a few progressive elements.

As we've discussed before the yellow ranger, played by Becky G, is an LGBT character and the blue ranger, played by RJ Cyler, is autistic.

While this has made a lot of people very happy, it has resulted in an 18+ in Russia, where the LGBT character irked legislator Vitaly Milonov.

In the US the film received a PG13 rating, in the UK it received a PG rating.

The film has come under criticism by Milonov for what he described as a "fascist ideology" which sought to perpetuate "gay propaganda".

WDSSPR, which is the Russian distributor of the film, informed cinemas on Friday that the film would have the highest possible age restriction following Milonov's lobbying.

Milonov, who argued that the film should not be released in Russia as it promoted "perverted sexual relations", received a medal of the order "For Service to the Fatherland", second degree, in 2015.

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