Rage Against The Machine predicted Donald Trump's presidential campaign in a music video

Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy was predicted in a Rage Against the Machine music video - who knew?

The billionaire’s campaign was foreseen in the video for “Sleep Now in the Fire”, a single released in 1999.

As you can see, a man raises a placard saying 'Trump for President' - sadly getting the date slightly incorrect - for 2000.

The reason for this is that the video is shot outside the New York stock exchange in 1999, during a protest against the financial industry. The video is interspersed with shots of a fake game show "Who Wants to Be Filthy F#&%ing Rich".

It's worth noting that Trump did actually run in 1999, albeit incredibly briefly. He announced for the reform party in October 1999, withdrawing on February 14, 2000.

Astonishingly, The Simpsons managed to predict Trump's run as well.

The cartoon went one further than the rap metal band by hypothesising that he would’ve won the presidency and served until 2020.

In the episode, Lisa is elected in 2020 and has to deal with a massive budget deficit and dependency on aid from China, caused by the Trump administration — the reasons for which are described by Secretary Van Houten as such:

Remember when the previous administration decided to invest in children, as they’re the future? Big mistake!

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