Rammstein make powerful statement with same-sex kiss at Moscow concert

The German industrial metal band Rammstein have made a powerful message against Russia anti-LGBT+ laws during a concert in Moscow.

Two of the group's members, Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe, shared a kiss on stage in the Luzhniki Stadium, during a performance of the song 'Auslander'.

The official Rammstein Instagram shared the picture complete with the caption 'Россия, мы любим тебя!' which translates as "Russia, we love you!"

So-called 'gay-propaganda' has been outlawed in Russia since 2013, leading to a widespread atmosphere of homophobia in the country, which has led to condemnation of Russia, especially when they chose to hold events like concerts and the football world cup.

However, Rammstein's inspirational act of rebellion and resistance has attracted praise and adoration for the band, who - on the same tour - waved a Pride flag in Poland while crowd surfing in a rubber dinghy, in response to the news that LGBT+ people had faced violence during the countries' pride march.

This is far from the first time that the two, who have been collectively dubbed as 'Paulchard' by fans, have kissed on stage, but this time felt even more powerful given that their concert was in a country with a staunch anti-LGBT+ agenda.

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