Secret Glastonbury 2024 headliner has been 'leaked'

Secret Glastonbury 2024 headliner has been 'leaked'
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It's still not confirmed who is going to be performing at Glastonbury 2024 yet - but a 'leak' has appeared online.

It's the longest fans have had to wait for a Glasto lineup for around two decades; in 2002, the lineup was revealed 10 days before the festival.

In April 2023, it was reported Rihanna was booked to headline that year's version of the iconic music festival but had to drop out after becoming pregnant with her second child with A$AP Rocky.

That's after she showed an emerging baby bump at the Super Bowl half-time show that February, which was her first stage appearance since dropping the Anti album in 2016; Rihanna then gave birth in August 2023.

And a fan thinks she might be booked to headline Glastonbury 2024 after footage emerged online of her performing at an Indian billionaire's wedding.


Rihanna performing “BBHMM” in India. 💸❤️ #rihanna

It comes after reports claim negotiations for Madonna to be one of this year's headliners had broken down, with other names mentioned including Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Stevie Nicks and Stevie Wonder.

The footage has led to a fan coming up with a theory that she might be practicing for Glastonbury to make her trip to India worthwhile.

Blakely Neiman Thornton said in an Instagram post: "Rihanna gave her first non-Super Bowl performance at an Indian billionaire's wedding.

"While she was reportedly paid between $6-9m for the 19 song set, I was still confused as to her motivations because Rihanna herself is a billionaire and there is a plethora of things she could do to make $9m without going to India, such as a new Fenty lipliner to Insta posts for a car company etc.

"This crossing continents for $9m is below her pay grade - but getting $9m to practice...

"Seven figures for something you were going to do anyway? Now that makes sense. Work work work work work."

Tickets for this year's festival sold out in less than an hour when they went on sale.

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