This upcoming general election is the closest to Christmas the UK has seen in 101 years, so it was really only a matter of time before the campaigns draped themselves in tinsel and got a little seasonal.

Labour candidate for Tooting, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan took it a step further though, recreating one of the most iconic scenes in Christmas movie history.

(By "iconic", in this instance, we mean deeply problematic, because you know... Richard Curtis.)

It is, of course, the infamous moment in Love Actually, in which Andrew Lincoln's character's bizarre stalking of Keira Knightley's "Juliet" (not on the nose at all) is supposed to be cute because he emotionally manipulates her into lying to her husband – and it's all because he's just so madly in "love" with her. Even though they've never really had a conversation but never mind that because he's seen her and she's pretty so that's all that matters.

Anyway, to help rid us of the trauma inflicted by the original, Allin-Khan (or some genius on her social media team) has rewritten the scene as follows:

Creepy stalker = Allin-Khan 
Keira Knightley = Generic-looking Tory voter
Chiwetel Ejiofor = Disembodied generic-sounding Tory voter
Fake carol singers = Boris Johnson's bizarre flex about making model buses
Boombox = Curiously specific Anker bluetooth speaker 

Instead of declaring her love for her best friend's wife, she declares her commitment to the NHS, schools, police and youth services.

Then it's just a list of Labour manifesto bullet points and a promise to campaign against Brexit, which is a bit whatever but good to know.

Yes, it's cheesy and silly and ridiculous... AND YET. *hearteyes emoji*

This tweet says it all really:

Many were less conflicted about their feelings.

We too love it, actually.

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