Boris Johnson left speechless when confronted with his awful record on, well...everything

Boris Johnson left speechless when confronted with his awful record on, well...everything

During BBC Question Time Leaders' Special last night, Boris Johnson had a fair few fumbles.

He tried really hard to justify his "get Brexit done" vibe (which was basically the answer to every question - shocker) by banging on about his "successes" as mayor of London and prime minister.

Cue eye rolls all around.

But one audience member beat him at his own (not particularly fun) game when she confronted him with actual facts rather than nebulous allusions to "past accomplishments".

The way you speak about Muslim women in particular, and the way that you've spoken about race in the past is completely characteristic of the way your government has dealt with all the issues it's come across since 2010.

(She was likely referring to the literal prime minister who was voted into power by the Conservative party calling Muslim women "letterboxes" and referring to "flag-waving picaninnies".)

It's been characterised by complete carelessness, by callousness. the way you treat people through the DWP, the way you treated the victims of Grenfell, the hostile environment...

You say you've visited hospitals and spoken to public service workers, but I think you yourself know you haven't been welcome.

The way you've conducted yourself when you've been there shows you're afraid of the response you're going to get.

She went on to remind him that even though he's only been the PM for 100-odd days, he's been in government for nine years, and said:

I think it's completely insulting for you to stand there and talk about all the investment you're going to bring, when it was your austerity policies which...

We would give you the rest of the quote, but it's completely inaudible under the whoops and cheers which broke out in the crowd. Still, you get the picture.

Johnson's response was... illuminating:

Well, you know, all I can... all I can say to you, is to... repeat, errr, what I've said.

Unclear what he meant. Perhaps he was referring to his previous response, in which he refused to apologise for his racist (or sexist or homophobic) remarks, because he's apparently "a journalist" and therefore... can't help himself. No comment.

Either way, he tried really hard to argue that the Conservative party does not endorse Islamophobia. No one was convinced.

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