Royal Blood criticised for ‘patronising’ message slamming Radio 1’s Big Weekend crowd

Royal Blood criticised for ‘patronising’ message slamming Radio 1’s Big Weekend crowd
Royal Blood appear to criticise crowd during Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival

Rock duo Royal Blood may have generated some bad blood with the crowd at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Dundee on Sunday, after singer Mike Kerr criticised the audience’s “pathetic” applause and stormed off giving them all the middle finger.


Sandwiched between singer-songwriters Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi, the 'Lights Out' and 'Out of the Black' performers, Kerr concluded their set by introducing themselves “seeing as no one actually knows who we are”.

“We’re called Royal Blood and this is rock music. Who likes rock music?

“Nine people – brilliant,” he said sarcastically.

Kerr then turned to introduce his other band member, drummer Ben Thatcher, but when he decided the applause was “pathetic” he decided he would have to “clap ourselves”.

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He then turned to the cameraman recording the set, asking: “Can you clap for us? Can you clap, or are you busy?

“Can you clap? Even he’s clapping – what does that say about you?” he added, turning to the audience.

With Kerr giving one final strum of his guitar before leaving it on the stage, and Thatcher hitting his cymbals one last time, the pair walked off – not before Kerr gave the crowd the middle finger while doing so, and Thatcher gestured to a section of the crowd to smile.

The duo’s reaction has since been slammed as “patronising”.

Others, however, pointed out that placing a rock band between two pop stars probably wasn’t helpful:

Royal Blood are yet to comment on their outburst on Sunday, with their latest posts on Twitter and Instagram being about their gig in Nottingham the day before.

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