Ryan Reynolds bizarrely asks if Hugh Jackman ‘sleeps in a wig’ as public ‘feud’ escalates

Ryan Reynolds bizarrely asks if Hugh Jackman ‘sleeps in a wig’ as public ‘feud’ escalates

It's well known that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have something of an ongoing 'friendly' rivalry on social media which can sometimes devolve into personal insults.

Most recently the two clashed when Jackman "threatened" Reynolds with a $610m lawsuit for 'pain and suffering' after someone shared fan art for Deadpool 3 featuring Jackman's Wolverine.

Of course, it's all fun and games but the two literally cannot stop trolling each other with Reynolds, more often than not being the culprit of the beef.

The most recent chapter of their feud came after Jackman released an advert for the fair trade coffee brand Laughing Man, which the actor launched in 2011 after a trip to Ethiopia to visit a young coffee farmer.

The advert is narrated by Reynolds and is fairly amusing but does feature a little bit of swearing so just a heads up if you are offended by that sort of thing.

Reynolds response to this was to accuse Jackman of being bald and wearing a wig while in bed.

Predictably people thought it was hilarious.

That being said, although it might seem funny to make a joke about baldness but it could be construed as more than a little insensitive.

In August 2019 the BBC received numerous complaints after Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker made a bald joke about co-hosts Alan Shearer and Danny Murphy.

So, while it might appear funny to make a gag about someone's hairline it really is no laughing matter.

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