Ryan Reynolds said Happy International Women’s Day but made one small change

Ryan Reynolds said Happy International Women’s Day but made one small change
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Ryan Reynolds wants to wish everybody a happy International Women’s Day, but not without putting his own humorous spin on things.

He went down the very literal route in his tweet supporting the women of the world, but wanted to reassure local women that they’re “also pretty great”.

International women, local women, all women - he’s got you covered.

Ryan is one of the more vocal proponents of female empowerment when it comes to A-list actors.

When Stephen Colbert tried to mock the fact he was spending lockdown with five female family members (including his three daughters) he was more than happy to refute the suggestion instead of leaning on lazy sexist stereotypes.

“I’m here with my wife, Blake, our three daughters... and my mother-in-law is here. She’s a lifesaver, it’s been incredible to have her here. She doesn’t know it—actually, she’s emergency food if this gets real”.

“Do you miss masculine company like mine?”, asked Colbert.

“I do not miss masculine company at all”.

He has also been vocal about not wanting to push “gender normative ideas” on his children.

The actor has just come off the back of a pretty busy week being the constant source of good news. Him and his wife Blake Lively just donated $250,000 to a mentorship program for indigenous Canadians seeking higher education, and he’s just wrapped his new Netflix film The Adam Project.

Fans of Ryan were happy to feel supported by their fave.

And his male audience were fully behind the sentiment.

Happy International Women’s Day.

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