Back in 1995, The Simpsons had most of the world gripped with its daring two-part episode ‘Who Shot Mr Burns?’ where the elderly and villainous owner of the nuclear power plant was shot by a mystery gunman.

The ambitious episode bookended the sixth and seventh seasons of the beloved animated show meaning viewers had to wait months to find out who the assailant was.

The genius writing of the episode made it plausible that almost anyone could have been the culprit as Burn’s had wronged a multitude of individuals in Springfield. Everyone from Homer Simpsons to Burns’ assistant Smithers and Principal Skinner and bartender Moe could have taken the gun to burns. In the end, it was possibly the most unlikely of candidates as it was revealed that it was the baby Maggie who had gunned down Burns.

Well, if you were old enough at the time and happened to be visiting Las Vegas between the two episodes original air dates then you could have put a bet on which character had shot Burns. A recently surfaced photograph of the odds on the culprit from The Mirage casino was shared online with Homer Simpson considered to be the favourite with odds of 2/1 with Smithers coming in second at 5/2.

However, if you were in the know or just born lucky you could have gotten odds of 70/1 on Maggie as the one who shot Burns which is pretty good by betting standards. I.E. if you were brave enough to have put $1000 on Maggie you would have won $70,000 in return. A good day for gamblers but a bad day for bookies.

The resurfaced photo left some people astonished at just how much money was on offer to punters over something fairly trivial.

As AV Club reports these betting odds appear to be based on the same odds given out on the special Springfield’s Most Wanted episode which aired before the second part of ‘Who Shot Mr Burns?’ The episode was presented by America’s Most Wanted’s John Walsh, who was used to exposing real criminals on television and also put Homer as the favourite and Maggie at 70/1.

So if you do own a time machine there are worst things you could do than travelling back to 1995 and placing some money on Maggie.

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