These are some of Dapper Laughs' most feminist quotes

This article contains Dapper Laughs and is therefore NSFW

It emerged today that Dapper Laughs, the comedian who once told an audience member she looked like she was "gagging for a rape", has come out as a feminist.

Dapper (real name Daniel O'Reilly) said that his jokes about women were actually aimed at men's insecurities, and contradicted himself by adding that society had failed to educate him on why sexual violence isn't funny.

Pfft, details.

To celebrate Dapper's conversion to the gender equality cause, which we're sure has nothing to do with selling DVDs whatsoever, has put together some of Dapper's most groundbreaking and powerful feminist statements.

You know, the ones he made when he wasn't busy shouting sexual innuendo at women in the street.

She’s gagging for a rape. Yep, we’ll have a chat afterwards. She’s having a chat about ‘yeah, I get quite tight but I get a bit'… poor girl. Do you want to come backstage after? Bring two of your mates, you’ll need them.

Remember, it’s only sexual harassment if she’s more attractive then [sic] you.

If she’s looking at me and playing with her hair, by the end of the night she’ll need a wheelchair.

First date. What you say: 'Do you come here often?', 'What do you do for work?'. What you want to say: 'Is it bald?', 'Do you give head?', 'Do you like girth?'

Girls have periods. I call that ‘blow job week’. What you need to do is get four girlfriends – then it’s four weeks of blowies.

Just show her your penis. If she cries, she’s just playing hard to get.

Some girls complained about my jokes and said they're sexist. From the bottom of my heart they’re about comedy and not about getting girls moist.

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