Someone created a Harry Potter themed sex education lesson

What’s the one thing missing from sex education lessons thus far? Magic, obviously.

Now two students at Boston University have changed that, after devising a Harry Potter-themed lesson in consent and sexual health for their peers.

The class ran last week and was devised by students Michelle Goode and Jamie Klufts, who also work as interns at Boston University’s Wellness and Prevention Services programme. It was part of a month-long programme of events about sex education dubbed "Frisky February".

Klufts pointed out sex education was a subject JK Rowling had ignored at Hogwarts, preferring to focus the main narrative arc of all seven Harry Potter novels on the fight against the dark arts.

“At this event half-bloods, house-elves, and muggles alike will learn the proper way to get consent to enter one's chamber of secrets and how to snog without getting Hogwarts,” a Facebook invite for the event promised.

There is no word yet on whether students attending managed to avoid jokes about whether they wanted to see each other's magic wands.


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