Nicholas Kamm and Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump has turned his attention to Hispanic voters in an attempt to gain their support ahead of the elections, and comedian Stephen Colbert thinks it’s hilarious.

The US president travelled to New Mexico this week, claiming he intended to “go for the Hispanics” in next year’s election.

He said:

We got a lot of Hispanics. We love our Hispanics! Get out and vote.

Given his anti-Mexico rhetoric and his dedication to building a giant wall between the US and the country, his comments inspired jokes.

Colbert said Trump “must really need los hombres Hispanico because he laid it on muy thick.”

Then, he proceeded to deliver a tongue-in-cheek impression of the US president at the rally.

“Trump’s plan is to woo Hispanic voters,” he said, reading a newspaper headline. “Ooh boy.”

A buena suerte with that El Trumpo.

Right now Trump’s approval rating with Hispanics is 25 per cent.

So this is like Cruella de Vil trying to woo Sarah Mclachlan.

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