Stranger Things star transforms into main villain Vecna in creepy timelapse video

Stranger Things star transforms into main villain Vecna in creepy timelapse video
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Stranger Things star Jamie Campbell Bower has morphed into the main villain Vecna in a creepy timelapse video.

The show's official Instagram released rare footage of Bower's eerie transformation into a monstrous demon.

"Can't talk rn, I'm becoming Vecna," the caption read.

Show creator brothers Matt and Ross Duffer were determined to create era-accurate depictions and opted for prosthetics to achieve the look and not CGI for the villain. And It seems to have paid off.

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The whole suit takes around six to seven hours to put together, even at the hands of the iconic prosthetics guru Barrie Gower.

Gower also worked on Game of Thrones.

During the process, Bower can also be seen scrolling through his phone, making a call, drinking a beverage, and waiting for the process to be complete.

People took to the post's comments to express their apparent surprise that Bower played Vecna in full-on costume.

One wrote: "Damn, I knew he was Vecna, but he actually played him??? The dedication."

"Why did it not occur to me that HE literally WAS Vecna. I thought they just got a random guy to do it," another added.

A third jokingly wrote: "Vecna tweeting his updates in the Upside Down."

In February, it was first announced that the fourth season of the Netflix series would be released in two parts. Volume one was released on May 27.

And on July 1, the second volume will be available.

In the first part of this latest season, the friend group is split up between California and Indiana.

While the gang in the midwest is battling Vecna, a new monster that emerged from the Upside Down, the West Coast group is on the lookout for Eleven.

But when it comes to part two, the show has done a pretty good job at making sure the storylines are kept tight-lipped.

Elsewhere, audiences will be happy to know that season four will not be the last fans will see of the series.

The Duffer Brothers confirmed that a fifth season "will be the last."

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