Supermarket Sweep is back

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Supermarket Sweep was one of the best things about the 90’s, let’s be honest.

But while the Spice Girls are basically over and Nickelodeon is unrecognisable now, the nation’s favourite TV programme is about to indulge our nostalgia.

Yes – Supermarket Sweep is back.

The show involves teams of two, who go head-to-head to answer questions on pop culture and puzzles.

It ends with a tense trolley dash where contestants must track down hidden items among the shelves.

Originally created in the US, the show ran in the UK from 1993 to 2001, with an all too brief comeback in 2007.

But now, FremantleMedia has acquired the rights for the show and will be bringing it back to our screens sometime next year.

Vasha Wallace, EVP, Global Acquisitions and Development, said:

The time is ripe to bring back this all-time favourite gameshow which has travelled with such success over the years.

Now, modern technology allows us the opportunity to update the show, making it relevant for a 21st century audience.

Over on Twitter, some have guessed that that will look like:

And others can't contain their excitement:

Henry Howard, son of creator Al Howard, said:

In Supermarket Sweep, one lucky team tries for the bonus money, but on this show, there are no losers—only shoppers having a great time.

I’m delighted that Fremantle has made the exciting decision to bring back this classic game show, and I look forward to working with their talented teams around the world.  

FreemantleMedia have yet to confirm whether beloved host Dale Winton will be returning to the show.

But hopeful fans might want to read this, erm, worryingly favourable thinkpiece from Winton on Donald Trump, before getting too excited.

Either way, it won't be long until we can all, once again...

Go wild in the aisles!

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