Taika Waititi laments Twitter's inaccurate auto-captions for new Thor trailer

Taika Waititi laments Twitter's inaccurate auto-captions for new Thor trailer
Thor: Love and Thunder trailer reveals first look at Christian Bale's Gorr ...

Taika Waititi has called out Twitter for the inaccurate auto-captions which accompany the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer.

The director commented that "this movie is gonna be a wild ride for the hearing impaired", after highlighting some of the auto-generated subtitles for the new teaser clip.

Waititi posted a series of screen grabs from the video, which features bizarre captions.

One incorrect subtitle claims that the film features the line: “Sure we help them and eventually grape”.

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Hemsworth’s Thor also erroneously says “from my sensing feelings” when talking to Tessa Thompson’s character Valkyrie.

Another line of dialogue isn’t picked up, instead reading: “Could not transcribe the audio.”

Taika Waititi/Twitter

Taika Waititi/Twitter

Waititi took issue and claimed the technology had a big problem with picking up a range of different accents.

“Lol if the robots are planning to take over the world they're going to need to learn different accents. Nice one, @twitter technology!” he wrote.

It comes after the trailer for the upcoming film gives fans the first proper look at Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor, also known as Jane Foster, who is set to make her first appearance in the MCU since 2013’s Thor: The Dark World.

Hemsworth’s Thor joins forces with ex-girlfriend Jane to protect the world in the new clip.

Russell Crowe’s Zeus features in the trailer, while the footage also gives the first look at new villain Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale).

It was announced that Black Swan star Natalie Portman was returning for Thor: Love and Thunder in 2019.

The film, which is part of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been delayed multiple times due to the pandemic. The new movie is set for release on July 8.

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