It's not every day that you get to meet your favourite pop star then again it's not every day that you save a woman who has been kidnapped.

That's exactly what Taylor Swift fan Joseph Grundl did earlier this month when delivering a Domino's Pizza to Waldo, Wisconsin.

The 24-year-old noticed that something wasn't right when he delivered the fast food as there was a woman sporting a black eye standing behind the man who answered the door.

Speaking to NBC NewsGrundl said:

I showed up, it was a normal delivery, and saw this middle-aged couple.

The guy answers the door and I hand over the pizza, when I noticed that the woman behind him, who turned out to be his ex, had a black eye.

She mouthed ‘help me’ to me and then after when the guy left to get money and she mouthed ‘call the police

This was just as I was about to leave. I left and then when I got back to the restaurant, which is about an 8-minute drive away, I dialled 911.

Police soon arrived at the scene and found the man trying to prevent the woman from leaving the property before he was detained by the authorities.

The man later revealed to be Dean Hoffman was arrested on charges of strangulation, suffocation, false imprisonment, battery, intimidation and burglary.

Grundl has since been hailed as a hero for his valiant actions but eagle-eyed viewers of his interviews noticed that he was wearing a Taylor Swift hoodie.

Fast forward a few days later and he managed to meet the music superstar at her concert in Arlington, Texas, which was presumably organised by Swift's people.

He shared a picture of him and Taylor and later confirmed on Twitter that she knew who he was.

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