Fans think Taylor Swift just revealed Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's baby name on her new album

The buzz surrounding Taylor Swift’s surprise album, 'Folklore', continues to grow. Now fans are busy dissecting every lyric in the album and look for the hidden messages that Swift is known for including in her songs.

Some fans thinks that Swift might have revealed the name of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s third child in the lyrics of the song ‘Betty’.

So what's the backstory?

Swift has long been friends with the actor couple, who have become a voice for various humanitarian and social causes over the last few years.

Now Swift’s fans have noticed that although Reynolds, 43, and Lively, 32, announced the birth of their daughter on 4 October last year, the actors never released the name of their now 9-month-old daughter.

Fans have also spotted that Swift used the names of the couple’s other children, 3-year-old Inez and 5-year-old James, in the lyrics to ‘Betty’, a song from her new album.

She sings:

Betty, I know where it all went wrong.

You heard the rumors from Inez. You can’t believe a word she says . . . James, get in, let’s drive.

So some fans now believe the name Betty might be referring to Lively and Reynolds’ third child. The revelation could be one of many secret clues Swift is known for leaving in her songs and videos.

But this could just be a fan theory.

After all, representatives for Reynolds and Lively haven’t returned requests for comment, so there’s really no way of knowing for sure. Fans have speculated other meanings behind the song, including that it’s part of a “teenage love triangle” storyline after Swift said this is the meaning behind three songs from the album during an online Q&A. (And there's a whole load of other fan theories about the song here too).

But if this rumour is true, the hidden baby name wouldn’t be the first time James (Reynolds and Lively’s daughter) has made an appearance on a Swift track, as she was credited in the singer-songwriter’s 2018 banger ‘Gorgeous’ as the intro voice.

Swift’s “surprise” album ‘Folklore’ has been getting rave reviews since it was dropped this week. And something tells us this won’t be the only fan theory regarding mysterious lyrics within the album.

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