That Game of Thrones character isn't dead, and Adam Lallana has proof

You should stop reading this story if you haven't finished season five of Game of Thrones or haven't read A Dance of Dragons and want the ending of neither spoiled.

Still with us? Then let's get straight to it: Jon Snow is alive.

How do we know this? It's got nothing to do with his eye colour or the fact that it just wouldn't make sense to kill him off, it's because Kit Harington hasn't cut his hair.

He was in the royal box at Centre Court for Wimbledon this week (with Liverpool and England midfielder Adam Lallana), and you can clearly see that his luxuriously long hair is fully intact, having previously complained that he wasn't allowed to cut his hair while he was on the show.

This also proves that everyone attached to Game of Thrones is a liar.

Thank you, Adam Lallana.

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