Just Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans slutshaming the Black Widow

Just Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans slutshaming the Black Widow

Pity the PR working on the Avengers: Age of Ultron press tour.

First Robert Downey Jr walked out of a Channel 4 News interview when asked about his drug addict past - now two of the film's stars other have been criticised for telling Digital Spy that Scarlett Johansson's character the Black Widow is a "slut".

When asked about the character's relationship with Bruce (the Hulk), Jeremy Renner deadpanned "she's a slut", prompting his co-star Chris Evans to burst out laughing and add: "I was going to say something along that line."

"She a complete whore," Renner then added. "She's a slut... She has a prosthetic leg anyway."

The comments have outraged fans, with many stating how disappointed they are. Tumblr user incpetion summed it up, saying:

The general public, has always given Natasha [the Black Widow] a bad wrap, because she’s a female character. People constantly throw sexist remarks at her, calling her a slut for no reason, etc.

The MCU (marvel comic universe) has always been a white male dominated place, with not much room for women, or POC (people of colour), and we’re really disappointed that Jeremy and Chris didn’t take this question and the interview as an opportunity to emphasise that the sexism given to black widow isn’t okay, but promoted the sexism through their own sexist actions.

Watch their full remarks below

Update: Both actors have since apologised for their "juvenile" and "offensive" remarks.

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