The countries that hate the Eurovision song contest the most

Eurovision hits our screens next weekend, for a night full of drunkenly singing along to song lyrics you don't know. It's a British tradition.

Sadly, however, it seems like not many Britons embrace Eurovision, as the below chart from Statista shows:

A YouGov poll of 2,033 British adults, and 6,718 people from other European countries, showed that the UK was most likely to vote leave in a referendum on Eurovision.

Only 40 per cent of us would remain, and those in Britain that watch it do so mostly for the commentary - the top cited reason (by 27 per cent).

Only 10 per cent of Britons actually like the music, compared to 23 per cent in France and only nine per cent in Britain like the international competition, the lowest among all countries.

However, we are the country third most likely to cite it as a reason for a party.

So this Eurovision, do it right, invite a few friends round and foster a bit of European spirit to the ever-snippy hilarity of Graham Norton.

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