The internet has a small and very strange crush on the Making a Murderer lawyers

There's a new unlikely crush in town, and it makes Millifans look very 2015.

Dean Strang and Jerry Buting are a pair of former lawyers who've found fame through hit Netflix documentary Making A Murderer.

The show follows the story of Steven Avery who served 18 years in prison for a sexual assault that he was later proved innocent of. Avery was exonerated in 2003 only to be sent back to prison in 2005 for the alleged murder of Teresa Halbach.

The show features Strang and Buting who work to prove Avery's (pictured) innocence. The duo are famed in Wisconsin for their work on similar cases and their tenacity in proving their client's innocence.

The lawyers might not be classic poster boys, but Twitter has got a serious crush on them - with celebrities like Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell getting in on the act.

Strang's new-found pin-up status doesn't seem to have gone to his head though. In a Facebook Q&A on the 30th of December, he commented on being a heart-throb, saying:

My wife finds this very, very hard to believe.

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