The Sexual Objects, an indie-rock group fronted by Edinburgh’s Davy Henderson, formerly of John Peel favourites the Fire Engines, have put the only vinyl copy of their album Marshmallow on eBay.

The auction finished on Sunday with the winning bid at £4,213. The lucky buyer will be all set to launch a pop-up record company.

“They’ll own these recordings in perpetuity,” says Henderson. “Whoever buys it will also get digital audio files and the artwork. They can manufacture the thing and sell it however they want. Or they could just keep it in a vault for ever.”

“It’s an experiment,” Henderson says of the auction. “It’s one born from real desperation. If you can’t afford a plugger, what are you meant to do? We had to think of another way to sell ourselves – and one that would have a kind of danger to it. I wanted to see if I could get the same thrill as when the first Fire Engines record was played by John Peel.”

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