There's now a cringe database to tell if it's safe to watch a film with your parents

We've all been there, watching a film that seems innocuous enough with the family, when out of nowhere, the sex scene comes on.

Your face goes crimson as you pull out your phone to text ANYONE, completely ignoring the moans and any eye-contact with parents whatsoever.

So now, finally, there's a database to consult online to avoid precisely this embarrassment.

Here's CringeMDb , named after IMDb, the Internet Movie Database .

It's essentially a searchable database which produces a community-driven rating for the cringeworthy content of a film.

The database predominantly covers movies released between 1995-2015, with a few prominent exceptions in the early nineties - see Jurassic Park , Sleepless in Seattle , Four Weddings and a Funeral , etc.

For instance, if you'd momentarily forgotten that Team America: World Police contains puppet sex scenes that'd be unbearable in the presence of a grandparent, one quick search can provide you with a reminder.

Now if only someone had mentioned this before that Wolf of Wall Street incident.

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