This woman was bullied for her dark skin colour. Now she's a model

Racial diversity is a hot topic in entertainment.

In a speech in 2014, actress and Yale graduate Lupita Nyong’o came out and spoke about her experiences growing up as a black woman:

I remember a time when I too felt unbeautiful. I put on the TV and only saw people with pale skin. I was teased and taunted for my night-shaded skin and my one prayer to God – the miracle worker – was that I’d wake up lighter skinned.

But she is not the only one to suffer as a result of people’s perceptions about her skin tone.

Khoudia Diop, a 19-year-old from Senegal, was intensely bullied in school for the dark colour of her skin.

But Diop exploded on social media after she was captured in a photography campaign called 'Coloured' celebrating different skin shades:

Bullies used to call her ‘daughter of the night', 'darky’ and ‘mother of stars'

She told Design Your Trust:

Bullies used to come with all kinds of names thinking I’ll feel bad about my colour, well guess what, I loved them all and showed them how much I didn’t care about what they think.

Diop started modelling two years ago but already has almost 300,000 followers on Instagram.

On her Facebook page, she writes:

One of my goals is to make all my dark skinned sisters out there laugh at those mf with their ‘beauty standards’ they're nobody noooobody to tell you how you should look.

Well said.

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