Man uses up three lifelines on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on a simple question about Tiger King

Man uses up three lifelines on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on a simple question about Tiger King

These days it's easy to live in a bubble and presume that everyone watches the exact same things on television that you do. That is obviously wrong and was truly emphasised on Sunday’s edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

When the first lockdown hit, the one thing that proved to be a vital distraction was Netflix’s fascinating true-crime series Tiger King,  about the feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, two big cat owners in the United States, which ended in a conspiracy to murder. 

The show about this eccentric community proved to be a major success for Netflix and went on to be one of the platforms most watched shows ever. Yet, as it would turn out Craig Blackburn, who was in the hot seat on Sunday’s show has never heard of it.

In his attempt to win the one million jackpot (he eventually walked away with £32,000) Blackburn was faced with the following question: “What is the subject of the 2020 Netflix documentary series in which Joe Exotic clashes with Carole Baskin?”

The options presented to Blackburn were as follows: ‘American big cat community’, ‘failed luxury music festival’, ‘Cambridge Analytica data hack’ and ‘New York drag queens.’ Whilst nearly everyone at home was screaming that the answer was ‘American big cat community’ Blackburn confessed to having never heard of the series or even seeing on Netflix, despite having a subscription to the service.

To make matters even more frustrating for viewers, Blackburn then proceeded to use up three lifelines on the question. After the 50:50 option left him with no less of an idea he decided to phone a friend who unfortunately didn’t know either. Blackburn then admitted that his second phone a friend wouldn’t know the answer either.

This left him with just the ‘ask the host’ option but he initially feared, with no real reasoning that Jeremy Clarkson wouldn’t know the answer either. Fortunately for him, he did decide to ask Clarkson who knew the answer and allowed him to move on to the next question but what an ordeal for what many felt was a relatively straightforward question.

Others were a bit more sympathetic.

In other Tiger King news, the enigmatic Joe Exotic is reportedly so confident that he will receive a pardon from the outgoing president Trump that he is said to have a limousine waiting on standby outside of prison so he can roll out in style. We’ll wait and see how that works out for him.   

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