5 Tom Cruise deepfakes that are almost too real

On the left, a deep fake of Tom Cruise in a white polo shirt on a green. On the left, the deep fake is in a blue Hawaiian shirt holding up a coin in his left hand.

Tom Cruise deep fake videos are going viral on social media again.

These videos are manipulated, often placing another person’s face onto another individual. They were worryingly used by President Donald Trump during the US 2020 election. He made deep fake campaign videos doctoring footage of Joe Biden suggesting “we can only re-elect Donald Trump”

The latest trend seems to be producing deep fakes seems to be celebrating Cruise, a man notorious for having outbursts of enthusiasm.

Here are the five best Mission: Impossible star deep fakes.

Tom Cruise wants you to stay the F away from him (Deepfake) by notomcruise

In this video, someone is heard exclaiming excitement about spotting Tom Cruise on the street. The deep fake actor then proceeds to tell them “I thought I made myself crystal clear. Stay the f*ck away from me.”

They then go to have a heated argument about the fan having had brain surgery.

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Tom Cruise golfing deep fake by @deeptomcruise.

In this TikTok, deep fake Tom Cruise says, “What’s up TikTok? You okay if I play some sports?” on a golf course, get up to swing his club. He then goes on to say why and how much he loves golf.

Polar bear joke deep fake Tom Cruise by @deeptomcruise

The second video, posted on Wednesday, sees a Cruise lookalike come round a corridor, fall over and then l do an impression of Mikhail Gorbachev, the former President of the Soviet Union joking “Remember how much a polar weighs? Enough to break the ice” he says in a faux Russian accent.

Bill Hader channels Tom Cruise(Deep fake) by Control Shift Face

This one is obviously altered as Bill Hader while being interviewed by David Letterman morphs into Cruise for an instant but it is still worrying.

I love magic by @deeptomcruise

In a third video, the Cruise like figure “shows us some magic” saying its “the real thing, its all the real thing” and lets out the actor’s signature maniacal laugh.

News site The Daily Beast noticed that the videos depict Cruise taller than his rumoured 5’5 stature and that he looks younger than his current age of 58.

Twitter users have spoken out, concerned they are about the trend. Journalist Yashar Ali posted the following,

“This isn’t even a super high-quality deepfake and I’m willing to bet that it could fool most people. “

The real Tom Cruise recently hit the headlines after Variety reported on leaked audio of his rant to crew about them not wearing masks on set. The reaction was mixed about whether his passionate tirade was reasonable or abusive.

Mission: Impossible 7 is expected to hit theatres on 17 November.

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