Tom Hanks teaching Tom Holland acting skills is the funniest thing you'll see today

Tom Hanks teaching Tom Holland acting skills is the funniest thing you'll see today

You hardly need us to tell you but Hollywood legend, Tom Hanks is quite good at acting.

The two time Oscar winner and AFI lifetime achievement recipient hasn't earnt those accolades through his sheer charm and charisma alone but also thanks to how most people learn things; practice and perseverance.

One technique that Hanks has learnt throughout his illustrious career is the repetition exercise, where an actor replies to the same mundane question over and over again with slight variations of the same answer.

He demonstrated this technique on this week's episode of The Graham Norton Show where he was promoting Toy Story 4, alongside Tom Holland, who was promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home.

In the segment Hanks asks the young British star to follow this simple instruction:

You have a very simple cue and a very simple line and the cue might be 'would you like some more coffee?'

And the line you have to say is 'coffee, you think I want more coffee, boy do I need more coffee'...

You're going to say it every conceivable way you can.

The begin the routine and after some initial confusion, Holland finally perfects it, prompting a round of applause and some laughs from the audience as well as a handshake from Hanks.

The clip has since gone viral and become something of a hit amongst Spider-Man fans.

However, Hanks would later reveal that his acting skills and instantly recognisable face have not always helped him.

The 62-year-old told a rather funny and embarrassing story about the Stagecoach music festival which he recently attended with his wife Rita Wilson.

Whilst it appeared to be a thoroughly enjoyable occasion for the couple, Hanks had to go through a portion of the day without a beer to drink, which is most unfortunate at a music festival.

You may be thinking 'what sort of festival doesn't have any alcohol?' but the truth is that the bar staff at the event wouldn't serve the 62-year-old A-lister because he didn't have any ID.

He recounted the story as follows:

I went up and said 'Hi, how you doin?" I give them a couple seconds to let the H-bomb drop... 'Tom Hanks!' 'Hi how are you, nice to see you, could I have a draw please? 'Oh yeah sure, could we see your ID bracelet?'

First of all, you know my name, and secondly, I'd like a beer, to which I was told 'Well we can't sell you a beer without proof of ID.'

At this point, he had to tell them that he didn't have one of the festival's official ID passes and would have to walk half a mile in the other direction to get one.

I said, 'Look, not only am I who you think I am, I'm also 62 goddamn years old. 

These ladies were not allowed to sell me a beer without my official Stagecoach 'I am over 21 ID bracelet.'

I did not have a beer until somebody went over and got me an ID bracelet, and I came back.

HT Lad Bible , Insider

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