Tony Soprano crying in his car to different songs is the best new viral trend

Tony Soprano crying in his car to different songs is the best new viral trend

A new Twitter account is giving fans of HBO’s The Sopranos the chance to see TV’s greatest anti-hero crying to their favourite songs...

The acclaimed crime drama has experienced an online revival over the past year, inspiring a glut of memes and commentary through accounts such as “sopranos out of context”.

That revival may be due to people finally catching up with the show in lockdown or it may just be that 20 years on from its first broadcast the show’s late 90s to early 00s setting feels comfortingly nostalgic.

The latest example of the show’s online resurgence comes from a new account which takes its inspiration from a scene in the show’s fourth season, in which mafia capo and stressed dad Tony Soprano becomes overcome with emotion while listening to The Chi-Lite’s “Oh Girl” on his car radio.

The scene is an acting masterclass from the late James Gandolfini and it turns out that it’s also an extremely versatile clip.

Tony Soprano crying to songs” is, as you can probably guess, an account dedicated to re-editing the scene over and over again with different music.

You see, Tony is a sensitive guy who’s in touch with his emotions deep down - so you can imagine him crying to almost anything...

You can have him crying to midwest emo legends American Football:

Or to the internet’s synth-pop cult favourite Carly Rae Jepsen:

Or, in an oddly-distressing turn, Mark Morrison’s iconic R&B hit “Return of the Mack”:

The account, which was made by writer and comedian Chingy Nea, has only been going for a couple of days but it has already gained more than 7,000 followers, as of Wednesday afternoon - and a shout-out from Canadian band Stars:

Here are a few more of our favourites.

But before you think about sending a request for your favourite song, remember Tony Soprano isn’t just going to cry to anything… he’s only going to settle for the best.

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