Alec Baldwin mocks Trump's coronavirus response by 'drinking bleach' during SNL sketch

Alec Baldwin has reprised his role as president Donald Trump during the season finale of Saturday Night Live and pretended to drink bleach.

The actor, who impersonation of the POTUS has become one of his most famous roles, returned as Trump for remotely filmed episode of the sketch show.

In the opening segment, Baldwin appeared as Trump in a virtual graduation ceremony that was being held on Zoom with fictional students of the St. Mary Magdalene By-The-Expressway.

Trump, who was far from the students first pick to speak at their online ceremony appears wearing his trademark red MAGA hat and 'tanned' complexion and proceeds to say that he is:

So honored to be your valedictator, but today is not about me.

Baldwin then picks up on some of Trump's more alarming comments from recent weeks such as claiming that he is treated worse than assassinated president Abraham Lincoln and his widely debunked claim that injecting disinfectants could cure coronavirus and even mocked the president by drinking from a bottle of Clorox bleach.

Other embarrassing Trump moments that Baldwin referenced was Trump's infamous university ventured which was scrapped after several people filed lawsuits claiming they had been defrauded.

He also mentioned the notorious groping scandal before ending on his own version of the Baz Luhrmann song 'Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)' , claims Coronaviruscame from a lab in 'Obama' and dropping a nod to Adele's weight loss photos.

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