It really wouldn't be Christmas if there wasn't a debate about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not, would it?

Despite the Bruce Willis action flick being released in 1988, people have only just latched on to the fact that it's a 'cooler' film to name as your favourite Christmas movie, compared to say...Love Actually.

The debate has been raging for quite a few years now and it is likely to flare up all over again given it's that time of year. And one man has already started that conversation.

Donald Trump Jr has creatively named Die Hard as his favourite Christmas movie after he replied to a question from The Hill journalist Madison Gesiotto.

Now, as you can imagine, there are a lot of people agreeing with Trump Jr for his incredibly original take but just think about it for a second – if you think Die Hard is the best Christmas film then you basically agreeing with Trump Jr. Gross.

In light of this, a few folks on Twitter have mocked the president's son for his lack of imagination.

Even Bruce Willis has said that it's not a Christmas movie...

Also, let's not forget that Trump Jr is virtually the spitting image of Ellis, the creepy dude who tries to cosy up with the terrorists in Die Hard.

No wonder it's his favourite Christmas movie.

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