Trump Jr attempted to give his thoughts on Meghan and Harry and it totally backfired

Donald Trump Jr declared he “actually couldn’t care less” about the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry drama, just before launching into an 8-minute long rant about it.

‘Shocked’ at the Oprah interview, Trump Jr wondered why Markle hasn’t faced more tough questioning (which she clearly has), leaving many people on Twitter to point out that… he did seem to care.

In the latest ‘hot take’ video that former-president Donald Trump’s son shared to Rumble this week, Don Jr said he did not even bother to watch the interview because it’s “not worth the time.”

“Are we really pretending that she’s a victim of all of this? Has she ever met a camera that she probably didn’t love? Are we really pretending that? I actually feel bad for Harry. He’s like a guy in a hostage video,” he said.

But, he added, “You’re gonna wanna watch this,” he captioned his clip on Twitter – delusionally thinking people would rather see his ‘take-down’ video than the widely-watched explosive Oprah interview.

Twitter users were quick to point out this irony: “Literally no one cares,” one person posted.

“If you couldn’t care less about it, why did you go out of your way to make an eight-minute video about the situation?” another person wondered. “Hey guys watch 8 minutes of Junior ramble about something he didn’t watch and doesn’t care about,” another person joked.

Some thought perhaps Trump Jr had given up on the Trump Organization and was hoping to become an influencer instead.

But the biggest question remains, as one Twitter user put it: “Are you still around?” Even with his father banished from social media, Don Jr still seems to think his perspectives, even on things he ‘doesn’t care about’, are relevant.

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