Mark Hamill had the perfect clap back to Trump after the president called for ‘wisdom and courage’

Mark Hamill had the perfect clap back to Trump after the president called for ‘wisdom and courage’
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Donald Trump went on a Twitter ranting spree on Thursday talking about, yep, you guessed it, election fraud, of which there is no evidence of.

Still, the president is insistent on parroting the claims the Democrats somehow rigged the election against him and is now hoping the seemingly never-ending stream of legal cases, many of which have already been dismissed from the courts.

His latest hope is a controversial lawsuit brought forward by Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, which has been signed by numerous red states that voted for Trump in the election and more than 100 Republicans in Congress. However, much like the other lawsuits this is reportedly full of baseless conspiracy theories that are unlikely to convince anyone to change their minds about who won the election. 

Much of these outbursts from the president come ahead of the Electoral College electors meeting, which is scheduled to take place on 14 December. Although the American public has already cast their votes for who they want to be the president, it is up to the electoral college to formally cast a vote which determines who the winner is. Once this is cast, it will likely spell the end for Trump as Joe Biden will officially be the president-elect and the next man in the White House. 

Amongst Trump’s outbursts was a cry for 'WISDOM AND COURAGE!!!"

This line appears to have been taken from a speech that he gave at a Hanukkah party the previous night, where he asked: “certain very important people, if they have wisdom and if they have courage, we are going to win this election.”

By now we’re used to Trump tweeting nonsensical things but this is certainly up there and of course there has been ridicule.

However, our favourite reply came from Star Wars and Batman actor Mark Hamill, who is no stranger to calling out Trump on Twitter. Referencing The Wizard of Oz, Hamill told the president “While in OZ, don’t forget to ask the Wizard for a heart.”

In case you haven’t seen the classic film, Dorothy’s three companions on her journey through Oz each require one thing from the powerful wizard. The Cowardly Lion seeks courage, the Scarecrow wants a brain and the Tin Wood Man wants a heart. It’s the perfect analogy for Trump as its debatable if he has any of these but we doubt that’s what he was aiming for.

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