CNN host admits that he is ‘stunned’ after Republicans backed Trump’s ‘horrific’ Texas lawsuit

CNN host admits that he is ‘stunned’ after Republicans backed Trump’s ‘horrific’ Texas lawsuit

CNN’s Jake Tapper has lashed out at House Republicans after more than 100 members of Congress decided to back a lawsuit that is attempting to undermine the election results in Trump’s favour. 

The controversial lawsuit, which has been brought forward by Texas attorney general has earned the support of numerous red states that voted for Trump at the election and is attempting to claim that the Covid-19 procedures that Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia introduced this year, four states that Joe Biden flipped, violated federal law. 

Experts believe that much like the other cases that have been presented that attempt to show that the Democrats committed electoral fraud, this is also likely to fail but Trump has enthusiastically encouraged other Republicans to back it. And that’s exactly what happened on Thursday when 106 House Republicans, which is more than half of their number in Congress, backed the lawsuit leaving CNN’s Tapper, amongst others, completely stunned. 

"Speaking on CNN’s The Lead Tapper said: More than half of the House Republican caucus, 106 House Republicans to be exact are backing president Trump’s deranged legal push to undermine the election results and disenfranchise millions of voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. President Trump is staging something of a non-violent coup by siding with the Texas attorney general and asking the Supreme Court to overturn the vote in these four states that Joe Biden won."

Tapper is then joined by his fellow CNN colleagues Kim Coates and Kaitlan Collins, the latter of which rightly points out that many of these Republicans were voted in during the last election, which they are now claiming was rife with fraud.

Tapper then adds:

“I’m stunned more than half the Republicans in the House have signed on for this lawsuit that Conservative legal experts have said is a garbage lawsuit, is insane, would set horrific precedents.”

Coates then gives her analysis, saying:

“It’s so completely counter to common sense what is happening.”

“The Supreme Court doesn’t want to weigh in on a political matter where there hasn’t been some basis for them to hear it, where a state that says even if we’re not affected by it we want to lodge a complaint after we see the outcome and only after our person is bringing the lawsuit.”

Coates then adds that Paxton is currently under indictment and that a pardon from the president might be his only way out of trouble. She continues “It’s absurd. And January 7 or whenever the Congress is going to meet to try to count these electoral votes, and they have a chance to object to them. You’re seeing a preview of that political theater on full display that’s going to most assuredly be the case now.”

Collins returns to say:

"That’s why you’re even seeing Texas lawmakers saying they can’t get behind this. But even if you do agree about the questions of mail-in voting and other allegations of course the president has raised often baselessly, they say federalism is a thing here. And having Texas sue another state for the way they are running their elections, and of course, they’re only suing states that Donald Trump lost is their problem here. So even some of those conservative, very conservative Texas lawmakers are refusing to get behind this. But what the president can now do and why he obviously instructed Mike Johnson to go and get these Republicans to sign-on is now he can say look how many Republicans are behind me on this. So he can use that to continue with his push — his baseless push that this was a rigged election.”

A visibly angry Tapper signs off the segment by saying:

“Well, it works the other way, too. These Members of Congress and these attorneys general, they’re going to be forever associated with this crap, with this insane, un-American, undemocratic lawsuit.”

It should be noted that notable House Republicans such as Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney have refused to add their names to this lawsuit. That being said it is still remarkable that so many officials would add their names to a legal cases that is reportedly littered with baseless claims of voter fraud.

The president and his legal team have been attempting to provide evidence of fraud since the night of the election, when the results began to swing in Biden’s favour as mail-in ballots started to be counted. After more than a month they have been unable to provide any evidence and have had numerous cases dismissed from the courts.

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