Homeland’s season five finale, A False Glimmer, was aired on Sunday and received largely positive reviews.

However, some have pointed out a slight hole in the plot, following a storyline about the coerced recruitment of an asset with the threat of deporting her friend to Turkey - where he supposedly faces execution.

As the Kebab and Camel, a fact-checking website based in Istanbul, pointed out, there's a relatively major problem with this plot:

The editor of the Kebab and Camel, Beybin Somuk, told i100.co.uk:

I'm a fan of the show and this episode was a real disappointment for me. There is a man named 'Numan', a Turkish citizen, but his colleague (Laura) says to German officials that they cannot deport him because there is execution in Turkey.

However, we don't have executions in Turkey by law since 2004 and the last execution was in 1984, so it is a shame for a great show like Homeland.

In addition, as a member of the Council of Europe, Turkey ratified Protocol 13 which provides for the total abolition of the death penalty, in February 2006.

Meanwhile, in the US, 31 states currently have an enforceable death penalty in law.

i100.co.uk has contacted Showtime, the US producers behind Homeland, for comment.

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